By Lonny Moses, HDNA Boger, Community Organizer in Petach Tikvah

The first five days…


I'm drinking coffee at my friends' house who have a nicer shelter than mine.

Edit: I wanted to assure my friends in the USA who haven't yet woken up that I'm ok. But actually as news is coming in about the scale of the invasion by Hamas, I am definitely not ok. I am safe physically, but my country and my people are undergoing a significant trauma right now. In the meantime all I can do is sit at home, read the news and try to comfort and be comforted.

By Toviah Botwinnick, HDNA Boger, Rakaz of HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed at Ramat David Vocational School

During the beginning of the war, there was a sense of panic and urgency, and a kind of disbelief both at what's happening and the speed at which things were developing, both in the atrocities in the south, and the mobilization of the miluim (reserve duty). I felt a little disconnected, as I usually do when conflicts heat up, because it usually doesn't affect me directly. Once my bat garin (kvutsa member) got called up to the northern border, I knew that things were getting serious. 

By Shalev Habaz, Shaliach to Mosh 2023

I woke up in the morning to the sound of missile strikes in my city of Lod. Quickly, I found myself on my way to a base near Jerusalem with a large bag into which I packed everything I thought would be useful and/or help me stay sane. While preparing to leave for military missions, putting together my combat gear and medical supplies (my role is a combat medic, meaning I'm a fighter who can also provide medical assistance in the field) from ranges, I felt detached, completely disconnected. I suppressed all emotions, I learned to put them to the side so I could manage to act.

By Sam Edelman, HDNA Boger, member of Dror Educational Orchards tzevet on Ravid

I want you to understand what this does to a person. I want you to understand what this does to a person like me. I’m not a violent person. I’ve never been in a fist fight, much less held a gun. I think the people who know me best would describe me as patient, understanding, thoughtful, and caring. I’m an idealist. I believe in peace, justice, and self-determination for all peoples. I have long dreamt of a world in which a Palestinian state exists side by side with Israel not just without violence, but in active partnership and solidarity. I have tried, in my own small ways, to do what I can to make such a world possible. 

By Ruth Stevens, HDNA Bogeret, outgoing rakezet of Hechalutz

On Thursday night my little brother George celebrated his 36th birthday at his apartment in Sderot. My partner and I brought our two sons, my mother came, and George’s partner of course, and a few close friends. We played with my beautiful 1-year-old nephew, we drank IPAs, they had steaks and I had grilled haloumi.

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