A Letter to the Zealots

A Poem by Lonny Moses, Boger of HDNA, Member of Kibbutz Kvutzot Keshet in Petach Tikva

You think you walk with God
The Lord of hosts who will destroy your enemies
So that you can march triumphantly into the Garden of Eden

But that face of God was last seen generations ago
The countenance you see is a faded reflection of one small tile
In a mosaic with more dimensions than you can contemplate

None of us can understand the full complexity of the holy
But we’ve been fortunate enough to glimpse shadows and reflections
Of kindness, care and love
On the walls of our little caves

You’ve seen but one faint projection
And rather than continue your search
You’ve fetishized and magnified it to grotesque proportions

You think you walk with God
But the disfigured idea you walk with
Is an entirely human creation