From the Tekes Siyum of HDANZ / HDOZ Shnat

Kerryn Finn, HDOZ Shichvat Ra’am, 2021 Shnat Rakezet on the Federal Mazkirut 


I can’t believe the time has come for you guys to return home to Habo in Australia and New Zealand! What an absolute miracle it is that Keshet-Nesher Shnat for 2021 actually happened. It’s pretty insane that this time a year ago I was consoling Jade over a cup of tea about the fact that she’d be the only Cohen sister to not go on Shnat after forgetting to speak about her in the Tekkes. I really am so grateful for the fact that all of you demanded that myself, Noah, HDOZ and HDANZ make sure that your shichvah had a chance to experience Shnat Hachshara - it was one of the most inspirational things I have experienced both as your madricha and mazkirut member. 

Seeing all of the incredible things you guys have done over the last 6 months and how you have all truly embraced the program, your educators and each other has been so cool for the movement at home to see. It is important to note that the Australian and New Zealand movements are at a critical stage right now - bogrim are separated by the fact that we have not had an HDOZ and HDANZ curated shnat for 2 years before you. As much as the movements are surviving they have a long way to go in becoming the ideological, United and passionate space we dream them to be - and this is where you guys come in. We really are so excited for you to all come back and bring the energy and knowledge gained from this incredible experience back to our communities in Australia and New Zealand. 

I’m sure at the moment it feels hard and sad for the program to be coming to an end - but the amazing thing about Shnat and the movement is the fact that Shnat really is a Hachshara for the rest of your life as chalutzim at home and in the rest of your path as you continue to choose the movement. Keep choosing things that you have loved doing on Shnat - keep being in shituf with your kvutsah members, keep choosing to be an incredible madrichol to your chanichimot, keep choosing to be an active and intentional chanichol to your madrichimot through shlav bet, and keep allowing yourselves to be in tensions that challenge you despite returning to your regular lives at home. As much as shnat has been a moratorium for Keshet Nesher, so too can be Habo at home as long as you allow it to. The people around you are your partners throughout this journey and the cultures you have set between you can continue to exist as long as you choose to be a shichvah - my hope and demand for you guys is to continue to keep that Keshet Nesher fire thriving. 

I absolutely cannot wait to continue our partnership as we enter into a new chapter in the Keshet Nesher story and you all become the next leaders of the Ken - it will be amazing to both guide and work with you as you blossom into the amazing bogrimot that I always knew you would be. Also now we can be real friends heehee! 

Lots of love and nachas Keshet Nesher! See you on the flip side! Or in Tel Aviv for a cup of hot chocolate!